The 20th January 2018 will mark the inaugural meeting of our Medical Advisory Committee (MAC), where a number of medical professionals with an invested interest in CSF Leaks will come together at a venue in Central London, with a view to establishing the roles and responsibilities of the MAC, the ongoing plan of work, the annual objectives, and other business, such as the appointment of the chair and secretary.

We are delighted to formally announce the inaugural clinical members of the MAC –

  • Dr Manjit Matharu, Consultant Neurologist, NHNN, UCLH NFT
  • Mr. James Walken, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, NHS Grampian
  • Dr Anthony Ordman, Consultant in Pain Medicine, Royal Free Hospital, Royal Free London NFT
  • Dr Changez Jadun, Consultant Neuroradiologist, Royal Stoke University Hospital, UHNM NT
  • Dr Brendan Davies, Consultant Neurologist, Royal Stoke University Hospital, UHNM NT
  • Dr Simon Ellis, Consultant Neurologist, Royal Stoke University Hospital, UHNM NT
  • Dr David Butteriss, Consultant Neuroradiologist, The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NFT, Royal Free Infirmary

The CSF Leak Association firmly and wholeheartedly looks forward to working closely with the MAC in the years to come.

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