Welcome to the Winter 2021 edition of Leaker Life.

The Covid pandemic continues, but life is slowly returning to a "new normal". From my personal experience, the NHS is starting to address ever growing patient waiting lists, but it's clear that all non-acute cases are frustrated by treatment delays measured in months or even years rather than weeks. CSF Leakers are especially affected by these delays, as their often chronic conditions cause them to languish untreated.

The Association is still incredibly busy despite the pandemic. We need more trustees and volunteers who can keep the fine work of the Charity moving forward. Please volunteer your time and energy if you possibly can.

This newsletter edition focusses on the critical work of partnering with our medical specialists to develop effective guidelines to provide CSF leakers with improved diagnosis, care and treatment. It also reviews the changes to the Association's website, accompanied by a fun new competition. And thirdly, it features the difficult CSF Leak journey undertaken by Martin Boyd and his partner Viv.

Russell Seeker

Volunteer a-newsletter Editor

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