Leak Week UK 2018: Day Two

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Symptoms of a CSF Leak

Read all about some of the most common symptoms of a spinal CSF leak by:

  • Clicking here to download our symptoms infographic (pdf) – ideal for printing.
  • Clicking here or on the picture below to download a copy suitable for sharing on social media.

We also cover common cranial CSF leak symptoms in our overview leaflet. It’s available by clicking here.

CSF Leaker Profile: Kirsty Bonfield

Click here to read about Kirsty’s experiences of a life with spinal CSF leak.

CSF Leaker Short Video: John Jackson

Watch as John Jackson talks about his CSF leak journey and the impact that it’s had on his home and work life

Bite-sized Facts

Each day during Leak Week, we publish some bite-sized facts. Here are today’s facts:

Get Involved

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