Welcome, Deborah!

Deborah has been a recurrent CSF leaker since 2007, and although she has always been lucky with treatment, in the early days there was absolutely nothing available to support her on her journey; no internet, no information, no support.

In 2014, Deborah had a second CSF leak, followed by a third in 2016. During this most recent episode, her husband came across the CSF Leak Association and it's chairman David Baldwin.

Deborah has noted that the support and information that the Association was able to offer her family was ‘amazing and a life line. No more stumbling in the dark’. She felt that she was not actually on her own or an anomaly. Reading the online stories of fellow sufferers and the inability to be diagnosed and treated incensed Deborah and made her determined to change this.

She feels that can only be done by raising the profile of CSF leaks to health care professionals (any and all) and supporting sufferers through their journeys, each of which are completely unique. With this in mind, Deborah feels that she can bring reliability, professionalism, confidentiality, commitment, responsibility and understanding to the role of a trustee for the CSF Association, and we have no doubt that she will be a huge asset to the team!

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